Thursday, April 2, 2009

2nd and 3rd Day at N.C by Adriana D'Orazio

Yesterday here at Nature's Classroom, we did many things. Our breakfast was very good, we had french toast sticks and bacon, yum. Our ort at breakfast was 8lbs., which I must say was bad . Then we met up with our field groups and took a long hike up the mountain. There was a fire pit a long the way and we built a fire! After that we came down the mountain and went to our first class. Then we had lunch which no one could wait for. Our ort for that was 4.5lbs. which we all screamed for joy, because we did very good. After lunch we went to our second class. Which flew by so fast. Then we went to dinner, and we had tacos! Everyone enjoyed them.Our ort for dinner was 10lbs. No one was impressed. And once again we ended our day with sining in the Morse Hall. That was our second day at Nature's Classroom.

Now we are here at Nature's Classroom for our 3rd day and we start if off like any other day, breakfast. This breakfast was better than yesterday, including our food and ort. The food this morning was great, waffles. Since mostly everyone ate them, our ort was only 2.5lbs.. That was the lowest we have gotten so far! After that we played the worlds biggest game of tag, to be more specific predator and prey tag. That went on for an hour, but since everyone was having so much fun it went by very quick. Then we had an hour break, and us girls had a talent show and fashion show! Then it came to lunch, the food was also awesome for lunch! Many people were hungry! That also ment that we had a great ort report. Our ort was 4.5lbs. Yeah! After lunch we met up with our field groups for an hour and a half, and did team-building activities. After that we had a class. In that we had many choices, which was so hard to decide, but they all were fun! Then we had dinner, and on that hand wasn't so great. The food was ok. So our ort was 10lbs. Yuck. After dinner was the biggest most dramatic event that happened here at Nature's Classroom - the Underground Railroad!! Underground Railroad consisted of different activities when we went back in time to slavery and we tried to escape. That was so much fun, everyone enjoyed it. And like usual we ended our in the Morse Hall singing a long to songs.

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  1. Dear Adriana,

    Well, it certainly seems like you guys are enjoying the food up at NC. For the most part you guys have been very successful with "The ORT report baby!!"

    I'm glad you had fun with the predator/prey game. Hopefully, there were no injuries--it always seems like there are quite a lot of twisted ankles and sprains that go along with that activity. We are going to play a game of predator/prey this afternoon. I hope our students have as much fun as you guys did!!

    I'm glad you had such a great time with the Underground Railroad experience. It seems like that is the most memorable experience of all for Nature's Classroom.

    We miss you a lot. We can't wait to see you on Monday and hear all about your trip.

    Ms. Corigliano


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