Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Day at Nature's Classroom by Adriana D' Orazio

Today was super crazy at Lisha Kill Middle School. This was the day that we were leaving for Nature's Classroom. The tennis courts were filled with book bags, sleeping bags and luggage bags. Everyone is super excited and cant stop talking. When the buses got here all of the students screamed with joy. All eyes were glared out the windows.

When we got on the buses everything was out of control. Nobody knew who to sit with or where to go nor what to do. But overall the bus ride was great, we watched Madagascar 2, which was pretty funny. Except one of the t.vs broke so it was kind of hard for some people to see.When we got here, we went straight to our first meal,lunch. It was very crazy in the dining hall. Our ort today was 5lbs for lunch, which wasn't so bad considering it was our first time. Later on after we met up with our field groups and played games and activities like listening to the sounds. But we were not so happy because our next meal was coming closer than you think, dinner.

Dinner time was spectacular. We had tacos! But the bad part was ort. We had 10 lbs. worth of ort. But after we ate our main meal we had a dessert, popsicles! Which was pretty good. We had entertainment after all the eating, the waitrons had to perform a song and dance in front of us. And which I don't think they very much enjoyed.

After dinner we went back to our field groups and went on the craziest night adventure, the night hike. What we did was go throughout the woods and would stay silent so we could here the different noises like the wind and animals. After that we went in a nice, dry spot and had to lay down and look up at the stars and had to make a wish. In my field group we all seen the Big Dipper!

So when that was done we all got back to the Morris Hall and sat around singing songs. We were all sad when the leader announced that we had to go to bed. In a way it was a good thing because we were all tired when we got in our rooms. And that was the end of our first day here at Nature's Classroom.