Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First and Second Day by Joey Audi

The first day of lunch was really good. We had macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and salad. Lunch is just getting over with. After lunch my friends and I went to our room and chilled out for about 30 minutes, after that I went to my group leader and did all sorts of fun activities like hiking, building fires. But most of the first is day was just going over the rules and expectations of natures classroom. On Tuesday the teachers woke us up at 7:00 a.m. That is really early for me! I have four roommates which means that 2 people have to take a shower at night and 2 people have to take a shower in the morning, but instead me and my friends all decided to take one in the morning. Well that didn't work out too well for us because we all were late! Well this is my blog for Wednesday April 1st. I better go its breakfast time we are having French toast!!


  1. Hi Joey, Sounds like they are keeping you busy with lots of fun activities. Hopefully you and your roommates will get a good night's sleep! Tomorrow is suppose to be better weather so you can enjoy all the outdoor activities in the sun. Can't wait for your next blog!

  2. Hey Joey, Sounds like a busy day. I hope the weather is better there than it is here. We had rain all day yesterday. Is that poncho working out for you? Dad says hey Joey! We love you. How is Ben doing without T.V. for bedtime???? See you guys Mom and Dad

  3. Joey,

    It sounds like you guys are having a great time!! I'm glad you are enjoying your meals up there at NC-I know how important good food is, especially to growing boys!!

    The weather here is supposed to be great today-hopefully you will see a little more sunshine today. Maybe you will even have an exciting activity tonight because of the nice weather (I can't tell you any more--but trust me--you will have a GREAT time!!!)

    I miss you guys and can't wait to see you!

    Ms. Corigliano

  4. Joey--
    Tell Mr. Sedlar that we have been trying to see the pictures you posted on the site. The message keeps stating "loading." It may be the Barricuda filter--or our server here at school. It sounds like many of the parents are able to see the pictures. Is there anything we can do here at school so that we can enjoy all of your pictures?

    Ms. Corigliano

  5. Mrs. Corigliano,

    The pictures are working fine. It must be the network at school and I am disappointed that you doubted in my skills :(

    Mr. Sedlar

    P.S. Everybody is having a blast here. We will add four more posts today. Thanks for following us!!


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