Monday, March 30, 2009

Nature's Classroom Fun by John Baluch

Nature’s classroom is at Silver Bay, NY on Lake George and that’s where the sixth graders of Lisha Kill Middle School will be from March 31 to April 3. The students that will be going will be participating in a series of events that are taking place outside. Most of the activities that will be taking place will be team building exercises for example getting a kid from your field group through a giant (fake) spider web.

In the mess hall, whatever you don’t eat goes into a bin and that leftover food is called ort. Each day the students will be trying to reduce the amount of ort . Sometimes there will be special prizes, for example on time one of the counselors offered to jump in the freezing lake as a reward I heard from the presentation. There will be lots of messy activities in the mud. I myself checked the forecast for the days that we will be there and it will be rainy and the temperature will be mid- forties into the low- fifties. It will be messy and we will not be allowed to wear shoes in the inn.

The place we will be staying in is a regular old inn that is about 100 years old. When we are not there it will be a regular hotel. Also we will be taking a hike up a mountain all the way to the top. Sometime we will be taking that hike at night.
Well that is all I know about Natures Classroom and im sure we’ll have a great time.


  1. Dear John,

    Nice entry buddy!! I look forward to reading about your experiences at NC. Have lots of fun-this will be a trip you remember forever!!

    Ms. Corigliano


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