Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun at Nature's Classroom by John Baluch

Today is the first day and we arrived at about 11:38 and when we got there all the nature's classroom teachers introduced themselves and what they like to eat on Tuesday at lunch. When we tried to find our bags it was kind of tough because there was a lot of bags on the porch. Going up to our rooms were painful because everybody's bags weighed a ton. After we got settled in we went down to the dining hall for some rules from the director of natures classroom and her name is Ashely. The lunch we had was chicken nuggets and they were good!!

The next day us boys got a rude wake up call in the morning at about 7:05. They came running in to our room banging on the walls and screaming come on get up. I don't know if the girls had a rude wake up call.

A couple of hours later we went on a two hour hike up to Inspiration Point. It was tiring. Some of the groups didn't go all the way up to the top because they made little fires before they went on the hike and they didn't have enough time to go all the way to the top of the mountain. Right now as I'm writing this blog us boys and girls are playing kickball. Its the “Fluffy Bunnies” verses the “Tigers”, and believe it or not us boys are the “Fluffy Bunnies” and the girls are the “Tigers”. Well thats all we have done so far and im sure I'll blog again.


  1. Dear Fluffy Bunnies,
    Sounds great. I would not have liked to get woken up like that. Can't wait to heare how the girls were woken up. When you post again tell us about the activities that you are choosing!!

    Jennifer Mooney

  2. Dear John,
    We are wondering who decided on the name "Fluffy Bunnies"? We have some questions about Nature's Classroom too. First, at meals do you have a choice of what you want to eat? Also, do you get to choose your roomates? Sounds like you're having fun and we are excited to go next year!
    Mrs. Bell's 5th Grade Class
    (Brian, Aidan, George, Anthony, Vince, Sean, Patricia, Kayleigh, Brittany, Coby, Jaqi, Bella, Andrea, Jessica and Erin)

  3. Dear John,

    So who won-- "The Fluffy Bunnies" or "The Tigers?"

    It sounds like you guys are having an awesome experience. The hike to Inspiration Point is very exhausting--but didn't the view make up for all of the hard work?

    Well--the weather is gorgeous today and I am sure you will be doing many cool activities. I can't wait to hear all about them. This week has gone by very's hard to believe that tonight is your last night. Enjoy yourselves--I can't wait to see you again.

    Ms. Corigliano

  4. John- I am glad to hear that at Nature's Calssroom there are chicken nuggets. The days have flown by and you will be home tomorrow. I hope you got my letter by now. Glad you are having fun- see you tomorrow.

  5. Hey John! Sounds like your having fun. At school, were having fun too. We do activities and make food. SUGAR RUSH!!! haha. Well, see you guys when you come back. Tell our class I said hi.
    -Alicia Goodman


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